Beacon Recruiting & Consulting


Concierge Level Services

Our efficient methods procure, screen, and hire candidates with unparalleled results. BRC’s clearly defined performance based guarantees and concierge level service alleviate the need to juggle multiple vendors. With this approach, you will receive 100% of our time committed to your project and exclusive rights to our candidates for a defined period. Our success rate on partnership searches remains above 95%. We guarantee our results and design customized search plans for our clients.

Performance based guarantees:

BRC guarantees that it will provide a specified number of candidates within a clearly defined period of time.





- Updates concerning the perception of our client within the industry
- Salary trends at direct competitors
- Staffing challenges presented by the position





Our Optimum Performance Plan (OPP) and Flexible Choice Plan (FCP) provide the immediate results that you require.
- BRC president Jeff Christian has successfully completed over 95% of these searches in his 10 years of industry experience.

Metrics: Statistical data that provides objective analysis of our search partnership. You always know where our time and your investment is spent:

- Total number of candidates contacted
- Number of interested candidates
- Ratio of candidates presented to candidates interviewed
- Timeframe from search inception to candidate presentation
- Timeframe from candidate presentation to scheduled interviews
- Timeframe from interview to determination of candidates’ final disposition
- Interview to offer ratio
- Offer to acceptance ratio

Clearly Defined Presentation Process:

BRC develops a streamlined reporting process in conjunction with the client. Quality candidates represent a scarce marketplace commodity and require immediate processing.
- Concierge service provides our “24 x 7” availability to candidates and the client. We are always there when you need us. Due to the complex and confidential nature of recruitment, we often provide our best efforts after hours.
- Our mutually agreed upon reporting framework guarantees the rapid procurement of top-notch candidates.



- Eliminate key employees’ duplication of effort with multiple vendors and ensure that your performance expectations are met.
- Candidates are guaranteed to fit your job description.
- Pre-qualified candidate skill-sets and compensation requirements assure the rapid placement of desired candidates.